Fight for Equality with Jort Kelder

Heerenveen, FR, Netherlands; Jubbega, FR, Netherlands; Gorredijk, FR, Netherlands; Langezwaag, FR, Netherlands; De Knipe, FR, Netherlands; Oranjewoud, FR, Netherlands
Est. 39.2km / 2 hrs 30 mins / Map

Fight for Equality with Jort Kelder - Cya On The Road

Jort Kelder takes you on this 39 KM cycling route along the bastions of Socialism in the Southeast of Friesland, starring key figure Ferdinand Domela Nieuwenhuis. This journey takes us back to the 1980s and 1990s in "The Land of Freedom", where the poorest found their savior ...The route starts in Heerenveen, where several points of interest are visited before we set off to Jubbega and Gorredijk. From there, we go back to Heerenveen via Langezwaag.We do not pass catering establishments for part of our journey, so we definitely recommend bringing some snacks for the road. * Download the app and route in advance so no working internet connection is required. * Make sure the phone is properly charged and bring a power bank if possible.

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