Living with (your feet in) Water with Arjan Postma

Nijetrijne, FR, Netherlands; Spanga, FR, Netherlands; Scherpenzeel, FR, Netherlands; Munnekeburen, FR, Netherlands
Est. 14.8km / 2 hrs 28 mins / Map

Living with (your feet in) Water with Arjan Postma - Cya On The Road

Arjan Postma takes you in on this 17 KM cycling route round trip of Munnekeburen, along the Rotte Meente and the river Linde. Along the way we stop at a number of places where we  learn more about the landscape, the water and the inhabitants. During this trip you will come across all kinds of beautiful places where you can of course take an extra stop. * Download the app and the route in advance so no working internet connection is required.* Make sure the phone is properly charged and bring a power bank if possible.

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