Frisian Waterline with Fokko Bosker

Bakkeveen, FR, Netherlands; Siegerswoude, FR, Netherlands; Marum, GR, Netherlands; Een West, DR, Netherlands; Haulerwijk, FR, Netherlands; Waskemeer, FR, Netherlands; Wijnjewoude, FR, Netherlands
Est. 46.8km / 15 hrs 37 mins / Map

Frisian Waterline with Fokko Bosker - Cya On The Road

Frisian travel book author Fokko Bosker takes you on this 45 KM cycle route a tour from Bakkeveen to the old Frisian provincial border and back again. We pass by ramps and medieval fortifications and learn about how the landscape played a major role against enemies in the past.Along the way we stop at a number of remarkable places where we zoom in on the Frisian Waterline and how it was used against figures such as Bommen Berend.We don't pass many catering options, so we definitely recommend some snacks to take with you on the road. * Download the app and route in advance so no working internet connection is required * Make sure the phone is properly charged, and if possible bring a power bank 

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