In Noble Footsteps with Jort Kelder

Olterterp, FR, Netherlands; Beetsterzwaag, FR, Netherlands
Est. 10.5km / 3 hrs 30 mins

In Noble Footsteps with Jort Kelder - Cya On The Road

In this walking route of 11 KM, Jort Kelder takes you on a journey through 'the other' Friesland, around Olterterp and Beetsterzwaag. During this tour you will learn more about how the nobility lived in this part of Friesland and what their influence has been on the environment. Along the way you can enjoy the landscaped nature and the various "pearls" of houses. The route is mainly unpaved paths, so make sure to wear suitable shoes. We only come across the first catering halfway through, so bring some snacks and a drink for during the walk. The route will eventually end here at the starting point "Het Witte Huis". * Download the app and the route in advance so that no working internet connection is required during your walk* Make sure your phone is properly charged and bring a power bank if possible

by Het Andere Friesland
Wij genieten iedere dag van onze sm√Ľke landerijen, adellijke bossen en rijke veengronden. Wees van harte welkom om met ons mee te genieten!

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