Discover Almere Photography Tour

Almere-Stad, FL, Netherlands
Est. 3.0km / 1 hr 1 min / Map

Discover Almere Photography Tour - Cya On The Road

Welcome to the #DiscoverAlmere Photography Tour!During this interactive audio tour, photographer Richard Terborg takes you through the center of Almere. Walk through the most impressive architecture and learn how to take the best photos with your own smartphone!Almere is a young city, but is getting an increasingly rich history. Did you know that Almere is in first place of European New Towns? During the tour you will hear about the meaning behind architecture and which nice hotspots can be found around it. You walk straight through the shopping center and along beautiful catering squares such as Grote Markt and Het Belfort. Feel free to step inside and #DiscoverAlmere!When you're done with the tour, we hope you've discovered the center and go home with a nice collection of photos. Share all your most beautiful photos with the hashtag #DiscoverAlmere and maybe you'll see your photo on @VisitAlmere Instagram.

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