Fossil hunt in Utrecht

Utrecht, UT, Netherlands
Est. 2.3km / 1 hr / Map

Fossil hunt in Utrecht - Cya On The Road

Join the University Museum Utrecht on a fossil hunt through the city.For families with children aged 8 to 14Jelle Reumer, a researcher at Utrecht University, studies fossils. He will take you on a tour of various fossils hidden in Utrecht's city centre! What can they tell us about the past? You'll find out during this exciting fossil hunt.The fossil hunt begins and ends at the University Museum Utrecht (UMU). You will gather information, do research and answer a quiz question at each stop. You will receive a special Fossil certificate at the end of the hunt.Have fun!Useful information• The route is roughly 2.5 km long and takes about an hour to complete.• Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged or bring a power bank. • There are several photos at each stop to help you find the fossils or solve the questions. Click on the first photo and swipe to see them all.• Attention! A number of fossils are on private residents. Respect the privacy of these residents. Preferably listen to the audio at a distance from the house or put headphones on.☛ Route and interesting sightsThe walking route is featured in the description and on the map. You can read or listen to a description at each stop. ✎ QuizThere will be a quiz question at most of the stops. You'll find the quiz question at the top of each text. Each correct answer will earn you points. Important: points will be deducted for every wrong answer. Click on the text balloon for an explanation of the correct answer. 

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