Human Rights Art Route Amnesty Leiden

Leiden, ZH, Netherlands
Est. 3.9km / 1 hr 17 mins / Map
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Human Rights Art Route Amnesty Leiden - Cya On The Road

A city walk through Leiden with special attention to human rights.Human rights are not self-evident. There is constant debate over them; at the same time they form the basis for tolerance and equality before law. Some human rights have an earlier history of hundreds of years, whereas others were established more recently. Human Rights have been and continue to be fought over. They are connected to both past and present. This Human Rights walk through the city of Leiden will get you acquainted with historical places and works of art that illustrate the city’s rich human rights tradition. You will walk past various locations, such as the Academy Building and De Bakkerij (THE BAKERY), places in Leiden that stand as symbols for human rights issues, then as well as now. Along the way you can enjoy the beautiful canals, nice variety of shops, and cozy cafes the city has to offer.Three works of art have been created especially for this walk. They were inspired by the locations where they have been placed. In the garden of the Oude UB on the Rapenburg, you will find a work of art by Emma van Noort. In De Bakkerij, a work by Inge Reisberman is on display, and at the Kamerlingh Onnes building, you will see a work by Izaak Zwartjes. These pieces will only be on show throughout 2021. After that, they can be viewed as pictures in this app.About the tour:The walk takes approximately 1.5 hours, and except for the part of the walk that will take you to the sculpture group at City Hall, it is suitable for wheelchair users.  TIP NR.1: Download the route in advance, at a site with a Wi-Fi connection.TIP NR.2: Check regularly whether your GPS dot is still moving on the blue line on your screen that indicates the route. In some places, you will receive specific walking instructions to avoid any confusion.TIP NR.3: Do not open the audio tour until you have arrived at the starting point.TIP NR.4: If you want to walk the route again later, you will need to reset ‘voortgang van de rondleiding’ on the home screen.Please note: The notification in the home screen which states ‘Request directions’ indicates the route from your location at that moment (for instance Leiden central train station) to the starting point of the audio tour at City Hall. It does not indicate the route of the audio tour itself.For additional information about people and locations that you will encounter on this walk, we’d like to refer you to the various links included at the end.We hope that you’ll enjoy walking around beautiful Leiden. There are plenty of lovely cafes for a rest stop along the way.

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