Leisure in Leeuwarden- Then and Now

Leeuwarden, FR, Netherlands
Est. 2.0km / 1 hr 30 mins / Map

Leisure in Leeuwarden- Then and Now - Cya On The Road

Are you interested in how people in Leeuwarden used to have fun in the past? Then we would like to welcome you to our tour! The tour will take you through the most popular leisure activities of Leeuwardeners throughout the past and compare it to now. The stories will be told by three different characters. The first one is Margriet, who will represent Leeuwarden’s elite, she is interested in arts and culture. The second one is Henk, who loves going to bars and therefore will tell you all about them. Last but not least, Jan-Hendrik, who is a big sports fanatic and will guide you through the most popular sports activities of Leeuwarden! Listen to the first recording to meet your guides!

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