Feanwâlden on the old tracks

Feanwâlden, FR, Netherlands
Est. 2.6km / 52 mins / Map
by BAM

Feanwâlden on the old tracks - Cya On The Road

(Please start by reading / listening to the text below)This walking tour will take you on a trip down Feanwâlden's memory lane, roughly 150 years ago.Back then, the village wasn't as easy to get to as it is now. Only three roads led to the village and all three were dirt roads, or - if it rained - mud roads. That meant that traveling was slow, especially if you were carrying belongings. As you can imagine, people tended to stay put, and not move house very often.Water and wetland bordered the North and West side of the village. There, you weren't able to travel by foot, only by boat. The village was indeed at the end of the habited world. Primarily poor people lived in Feanwâlden. The village was small and it didn't have any remarkable or beautiful buildings.Except for one... Feanwâlden counted one remarkable building. Go ahead and walk to number 1 on your route, so you'll be able to see the building clearly.

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