Welcome in Hansa town Hasselt

Hasselt, OV, Netherlands
Est. 3.6km / 1 hr 12 mins / Map

Welcome in Hansa town Hasselt - Cya On The Road

To the north of Zwolle, on the Zwarte Water, is the Hanseatic city of Hasselt. A characterful town with atmospheric facades, leafy streets and hidden spaces. Discover the special link this Hanseatic city has with Amsterdam. Or walk, like a traditional pilgrim, one of the pilgrimage routes that converge in Hasselt. On the pilgrimage routeHasselt is a true pilgrimage place. Even in medieval times, the Hanseatic city was an important religious centre. Pilgrims also find their way to Hasselt nowadays, with two routes converging: the Jabikspaad from Friesland and the Jacobspad from Groningen. The pathways join the international pilgrimage trail to Santiago de Compostella in Spain. Hasselt is one of the oldest pilgrimage places in the Netherlands. Worshippers have been coming together every second Sunday after Pentecost at the Heilige Stede (Holy Site) of Hasselt since 1355.

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