Houtsche Family Bike Day

Haarlem, NH, Netherlands; Heemstede, NH, Netherlands; Cruquius, NH, Netherlands
Est. 12.3km / 2 hrs 3 mins

Houtsche Family Bike Day - Cya On The Road

With this route we enjoy cycling along a number of iconic tea houses, an old inn, country houses, an ice cream parlor and a farm shop in the Haarlem area. At the stops we have a special "Houtsche Rugby Deal" that you can order and a quiz with which the person with the highest points wins a nice prize. So put on your bedals and enjoy!Pay close attention to the instructions below and cycle safely!Safety on the roadTraffic rulesStick to the Dutch and local traffic rules and use common sense. As a cyclist you are vulnerable and not always clearly visible, especially for buses and trucks. So make sure you keep eye contact with fellow road users and always give way when in doubt. Pay extra attention to children and the elderly and cross as much as possible at traffic lights and pedestrian crossings. We don't cycle Tour de France so take your time, relax and enjoy your surroundings.Food SafetyOur producers, the shops, the catering industry, farmers and gardeners do everything they can to produce, preserve and give their products in the best conditions. If you are still cycling for a while after your purchase, be aware of the temperature and shocks of the cycling that could possibly affect or even spoil the products. Before consuming the products, check whether they are still edible.Weather conditionsBefore you get on the bike (and possibly during the route), check weather apps such as www.buienradar.nl and www.weeronline.nl. Bring suitable clothing for the current weather conditions (rain gear, a sweater). If it starts to rain or thunder, take shelter immediately in a safe place. In case of a thunderstorm, get out of the open field immediately and, if necessary, lie flat on the ground until the thunderstorm has disappeared. Also do not stand under a tree or high mast.Use bicycleMake sure your bike is in good condition with inflated tires, properly working brakes and a saddle and handlebars at the correct height. To be on the safe side, take a small tire pump and a tire repair kit with you on the road.Use SmartphoneHolding a Smartphone is prohibited in the Netherlands while cycling, it is dangerous and can result in a fine of at least € 95. So make sure that it is attached to the handlebar with a holder or store it in your jacket or trouser pocket. Use the app when you are standing still for a while, you can listen to audio clips while cycling.Animals on the go and petsAnimals are present at various producers. Keep your distance from this. Under no circumstances may pets be fed or taken with you when visiting a producer, shop, farm or garden. For your own safety, stay away from hives.COVIDFollow the guidelines of the RIVM regarding COVID-19: https://www.rivm.nl/coronavirus-covid-19https://www.rijksoverheid.nl/onderwerpen/coronavirus-covid-19/alegener-coronaregelsFirst aidIn the event of an accident, stroke or other life-threatening situation: immediately try to help the victim yourself, call for help and call 112.

by Feed The Nomads! Local Food Culture
Feed the Nomads! Een culinaire reiservaring langs de smaken, geschiedenis, verhalen en filosofie├źn van de Nederlandse eetcultuur.

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