Haarlem City Centre & Waarderpolder | LOCAL FOOD BICYCLE ROUTE

Haarlem, NH, Netherlands
Est. 14.8km / 2 hrs / Map

Haarlem City Centre & Waarderpolder | LOCAL FOOD BICYCLE ROUTE - Cya On The Road

On behalf of Haarlem Marketing, we are happy to welcome you at the Local Food cycle route. We will take you along on a cycle trip that leads you along regional products and lovely food stops. The route leads you through and around Haarlem and focusses on local, artisan products. This way we create the shortest possible connection between producer and consumer, with the smallest possible footprint.The cycle route consists of three parts and is designed to introduce you to local regional products. While cycling, you will discover what Haarlem and its surroundings have to offer. Besides shopping locally and exercising, you will also learn something about the local producers and the way the food is produced. So, delicious food and a good mood!This way you will get more insight into where our food comes from, what the differences in flavour and quality mean, the work that must be performed for it, the knowledge that it involves and how it ends up on your plate.The regional producers have a sustainable approach and in addition, they supply shops and restaurants in Haarlem. Wherever possible, the participating producers will let you peek behind the scenes or have a stall by the road or a shop where you can buy their products.The cycle route can be followed by anyone with an average level of fitness and cycling experience. You can easily cycle a smaller part of the route. Every now and then, step off your bike, eat or buy something at the stops that appeal to you and enjoy the surroundings!You can email all your questions or suggestions about using the app to info@feedthenomads.com

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