Street Art Streets Deventer

Deventer, OV, Netherlands; Twello, GE, Netherlands
Est. 13.1km / 2 hrs 11 mins / Map

Street Art Streets Deventer - Cya On The Road

With Street Art Streets we want to tell the stories of Deventer by using different forms of Street Art. This Street Art is created by regional, national and international artists and tells the stories about the past, present and future of Deventer.The artists are always asked to first take the surroundings of the area into account. Based on the information about the place, the residents and the owners, they can start designing their work. An important condition is that the artworks are always placed on large visible walls in the municipality of Deventer. Street Art is temporary art, so it’s possible that after a few years the artwork will disappear, something which is inherent to this art form.Street Art Streets connects seamlessly with the Deventer brand: authentic, innovative and a little bit stubborn. Street Art makes Deventer a more colourful city. Not only do we have a beautiful, historic city centre, but also a city with modern art forms. Old and new come together and the artworks tell the stories of Deventer.We will regularly be adding new Street Art to this route. And sometimes one disappears.Most recent update October 20th, 2023PromotorsMano Scherpbier & Egbert SchefferDeventer entrepreneurs in the creative sector

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