I-TAP-PD Tiny People tour

Utrecht, UT, Netherlands
Est. 8.0km / 2 hrs 41 mins

I-TAP-PD Tiny People tour - Cya On The Road

On Monday, 11th of April we take a stroll through different parts of Utrecht.The purpose of this walk is to get to know your partner, even better than you already do. You can undertake this walk as a duo, or a group of duo's. As long as you answer and discuss the questions together with your partner. During this route you will come accross different points of interest. Here you can listen to the audio, or read the description. At each stop you will be given a topic for discussion. You are also asked to take pictures with your tiny friend, as a means of visual reflection.You will have three hours for this route, when walking at a normal pace, the route would take you 1 hour and 40 minutes. This gives you plenty time to take pictures on the way of get a (take-a-way) coffee on route. Lunch will be served at 13.00. Enjoy the walk

by Stichting Kopa
Deze tour is onderdeel van de internationale training I-TAP-PD.

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