WWII through the eyes of students (in Nijmegen - Utrecht - Wageningen)

Nijmegen, GE, Netherlands; Lent, GE, Netherlands; Utrecht, UT, Netherlands; Vught, NB, Netherlands; Wageningen, GE, Netherlands
Est. 166.0km / 4 hrs 5 mins / Map

WWII through the eyes of students (in Nijmegen - Utrecht - Wageningen) - Cya On The Road

The photos are always in black and white. We see a city shot to pieces, whimsical remainsstanding among the rubble. World War II seems long past. Until you get into it.Students sometimes played a major role in the resistance. Have a look at the images of the gentlemen and ladies of that time: do they look any different when compared to us now? Barely.Almost everyone was a member of the corps. We see suits and dresses; the society by Carolus Magnus in Nijmegen has practically retained the same interior as during WWII! Students are critical thinkers, so it was not surprising that they were the ones to obstruct and throw themselves at an occupier who thought he should take over the country.This audiotour will explore the cities of Nijmegen, Utrecht and Wageningen through the eyes of students from 1940 - 1945, dedicating a single day to each included city. And we might even have included an additional (optional) excursion in this audio tour, but for your entertainment, we'll keep it a secret for now ;)As your tourguides, we encourage you to step into this tour open-minded as well as mindful, since this tour does contain some time for personal reflection. These reflection questions haven't been included in the audiotour, however, will be stated in the description of some of the locations, leaving it up to the listener to actually contrast your feelings and opinions to the various stories told. Moreover, additional literature has been added if any of you curious beings wants to dive deeper into a certain part of student life during the war. Thus, we urge you to take the time with this tour and follow it at your own pace to get the most out of it. If this means spreading the tour out over a couple of weekends, months or even years(!), please do so. Well, enough about logistics, rather, prepare to be open minded, as we enter (your potential hometowns in) the Second World War. Be amazed and moved by the various stories told (including our various guestspeakers)! As we move through the different cities, the tourguide narrating this process will too. Let me introduce you to the team!  Since everyone is of course their own person, we encouraged the team to make the city-tour they are doing their own, including their way of storytelling, adding this personal twist! I hope I have made you enthousiastic to participate? Yes? Well then, follow me, as we start our tour at the beautiful train station that is Nijmegen Centraal. 

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