Salutary Noordwijk

Noordwijk, ZH, Netherlands; Noordwijk aan Zee, ZH, Netherlands
Est. 8.5km / 2 hrs 50 mins / Map

Salutary Noordwijk - Cya On The Road

This audio tour is a co-production of Streekmuseum Veldzicht and the municipality of Noordwijk and takes you through the agricultural area and dune landscape of Noordwijk. The special natural landscape shows the exceptional strength of this location by the sea.Throughout the centuries, the influence of the salty sea air, the strength of the ebb and flow of the sea and the air currents have all left their mark here. Close to the sea of ​​Noordwijk, every visitor can experience the benefits of the landscape. Natural crops of healing herbs, which grew here centuries ago and were used in medicine, still feel at home and thrive in this soil.This walking route through Noordwijk tells the story of the long history of herbs and explains specific details of these special crops. The route leads you along beds of healing herbs, past bulb fields and on to the dunes and the sea of ​​Noordwijk. Take a deep breath, use all your senses and feel the benefits for body and mind. Live a pure Thalasso experience!PLEASE NOTE: during the breeding season (March 15 - July 15) it is forbidden to stroll in the dunes.

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