Amsterdam for Hungarians

Amsterdam, NH, Netherlands
Est. 5.3km / 1 hr 47 mins / Map
by BAM

Amsterdam for Hungarians - Cya On The Road

Start Hello everyone and welcome to Amsterdam. My name is mr. Bark and I’ll be your digital tourguide for this podwalk. I’ll try to guide you to all the best sights of this city and give a little context while you are walking. To be able to do that, however, I need you to stay alive! So to make sure of that, I’ll need you to follow a few simple rules:Rule number 1: You stay on the sidewalk and keep an eye on traffic. It’s not cars that are the most dangerous here, it’s trams and bikes. Of those two, the bikes are my greatest cause for concern, because it’s a jungle out there! There’s the tourists, who are usually moving slowly, wearing a helmet and checking the gps on their phones from time to time. But the most dangerous in this jungle, are the local cyclists. Usually they ring their bell once when you’re in the way. Sometimes they even ring twice, but they won’t slow down, so that second ringing could be translated as: you are already dead, and I salute you!So please, please, stay on the sidewalk.Rule number 2: stick to the route! Amsterdam has beautiful streets, squares and sights, but it also has a few less reputable ones. If you stick to the route, not much can go wrong and you can keep your own pace. Of course you should be wary of pickpockets and traffic, but otherwise you are free to speed up when you think the area is a bit boring, and slow down when you’ve seen an interesting shop. That way we will hopefully all get together around lunchtime, at a nice picknick spot near the museum square. The route starts at the back of the station, on the ferry across the IJ river. The ferry is free and one goes back and forth every five minutes, so please board one with your group, and start up audio-fragment number one. 

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