Bitola - city center tour

Bitola, North Macedonia
Est. 1.4km / 28 mins

Bitola - city center tour - Cya On The Road

Welcome to BitolaBitola is not an ordinary city, the European fantasy and style of the endless stories of the East are united here.Bitola is a city of numerous symbols that have deep meaning.From Heraclea Lyncestis which was formed around the 5th century BC and lasted until the 6th century AD, with the arrival of the Slavic tribes to this day – in this city everyone has left messages that are deep and with a unique symbolic meaning. The overall architecture of the city has its own meaning, has its own philosophical urbanism and everything is in the domain of a deeply thought-out urban creation that is not found elsewhere in the Balkans.It may also come from the fact that the city is a metropolis in cosmopolitanism or in the fact that the population has always lived in a great mutual understanding and respect, in spite of all the misfortunes, destructions and harm that someone else brought to it.Maybe because at the beginning of the 20th century it was the largest city in the Balkans (after Thessaloniki) but its importance was due to the fact that it is also one of the most successful syntheses of pacifism, the understanding of many ethnic groups and of course the architectural buildings left by the entire population, achieving perfect harmony and a certain creative philanthropy that is not found even today in the centers of urban living.Maybe it was because the Ottoman Empire in this city saw a kind of bridge connecting the east and the west in full form, maybe because the Jewish rabbis found the greatest meditation in it or maybe because in its vicinity the Bukovo Monastery was called the second Mount Athos.Following the thousand years of existence of Bitola mostly on the objects and records embedded in the permanence of their existence – terrestrial or underground is actually following a unique and unrepeatable history that is not only world cultural heritage but urban totality that over the centuries has left deep spiritual messages for eternity and immortality revealing the light and warmth of the Mediterranean as the only vision for a humanistic, harmonious, meaningful and justified future- future of love and understanding in every respect of the reason for the existence and meaning of Man who thinks, creates, lives according to the principles of all symbols and the entire celestial alphabet called Betel, Obitel, Monastiri, Bitola ….

by GAUSS Institute Bitola
GAUSS Institute Bitola - Foundation for New Technologies, Innovations, and Knowledge Transfer

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