Discover Våler

Våler i Solør, Innlandet, Norway
Est. 339m / 7 mins / Map

Discover Våler - Cya On The Road

Welcome to this hike. You will get to visit the sound of five cultural monuments - five of over 150 cultural monuments mentioned in the upcoming cultural monument plan - from Våler municipality. It is Per Arnesen who has written the plan and it is StoryPhone with producer Lage Thune Myrberget who has produced these communication texts on the walk.We will visit the cultural landscape at Granberget. We will hear a little about the importance of the railway for the municipality. We do not escape the story of Olav the Holy and the establishment of St. Mary's Church at Våler. Nor does Våler's great son, the theologian, officer, engineer, painter and poet Bernt "Trysil Knud" Lund and finally we will stop by and hear about the war memorials from the airport that you can still find traces of in the forest by Hasslemoen.You can only experience this when you are in the relevant places. We call this active dissemination. This is possible thanks to the good use of technology. Each of these points reveals stories that have the potential for many more points. All of these topics can become separate walks. Discovery tours where you learn about local history and events of significance to us, guests and tourists. Let this be your inspiration! Maybe you just have the information that others would appreciate hearing about?Våler has a lot to offer. The cultural heritage plan brings everything together and reminds us of who we are. By using such technology, we can activate the cultural heritage plan and provide active and attractive dissemination. So welcome to a trip in Våler.

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