Andelva Interpretive Center

Eidsvoll Verk, Viken, Norway
Est. --- / 5 mins

Andelva Interpretive Center - Cya On The Road

What if you came here and encountered an exciting interpretive center that told you about the industrial history that unfolded here—spanning 400 years? Imagine if this also included art and a focus on shaping the industry of the future?We are Eidsivatinget, an interest group working to make this vision a reality. We aim to seize the opportunity to create a vibrant space with active interpretation. We want to develop exhibitions and compelling storytelling that utilize technology in new and creative ways. This will happen both inside a future interpretive center in Mago-B and in the cultural landscape along the Andelva River.This building is intended to be an engaging place to visit—for professionals, artists, children, and adults alike.Shouldn't we create a place that can take us on an exciting journey through 400 years of industrial and cultural history?You can follow our project on Facebook. You'll find the link here.

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