Our school-city

Hamar, Innlandet, Norway
Est. 19m / 10 mins

Our school-city - Cya On The Road

This exhibition seeks to explore and convey the history of schools in the city of Hamar, covering both the public and private sectors, from elementary to specialized institutions. Using a combination of sound, text, visual displays, and podcasts, we aim to engage visitors in a diverse and informative way.An exhibition based on the school history of the city of Hamar. Both private and public schools. Elementary and specialized schools. School for the Deaf. Teacher College. Cultural School. Band School. Along with research and lifelong learning.You will hear about the history from 1153 and all the way up to today - and the discussion about the new school structure. You will hear about how architects envision buildings and solutions for future learning, as well as thoughts on classroom decoration. You will hear about how pedagogy and didactics have developed, and we will take a closer look at the teaching aids and books that have been used in schools throughout history. And finally: What about the school and learning of the future?This exhibition is curated by Lage Thune Myrberget. The script and idea were developed together with Jan Staff and Knut Ståle Hauge. In addition, we have had a number of contributors such as Thomas Nordahl, Stian Håklev, Catharina Bøhler, Emund Eggum Wangen, Ingeborg Amundrud, and Målfrid Haugbotn Hagen.Thanks to Hamar Cultural House with Tor Rullestad for facilitating so that we can have exhibitions in the premises of our house. Thanks to Therese Enger for decoration, and thanks to Knut Ståle Hauge for knowledge sharing and engagement.

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