Poznań- the most interesting tourist attractions

Poznan, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Poland
Est. 10.0km / 4 hrs 16 mins / Map

Poznań- the most interesting tourist attractions - Cya On The Road

Poznań is among  the oldest and the most beautiful Polish cities.    Situated on the Warta River, in Greater Poland (Wielkopolska) region it has a lot to offer to its residents  as well as tourists.   It is a cultural, economic and academic centre of the region.   There are a few tourist routes in Poznań which you can follow: Royal-Imperial Route, The Piast Route and Greater Poland Way of St.James .This audio guide presents the main tourist attractions in  Poznań located in the Old Market Square and its surroundings, in Ostrów Tumski (The Cathedral Island), in the Imperial District and the vicinity of  Malta Lake.The symbols of Poznań are two head-butting goats , St. Martin's croissants, St.Martin’s Day parade and two castles: the Imperial  one and the Royal one.There are many annual events held in Poznań such as Malta Theatre Festival in June, Poznań Fortress Days in August and  St.Martin Street Name Day  on November 11th and others.Poznań is  also the trade capital of Poland with Poznań International Fair being without a doubt  the leader among the trade centres in Poland and East-Central Europe.Poznań offers a wide range of restaurants,pubs and clubs which cater for all tastes and likes.Let’s take a walk around our city

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