Lublin. Jewish History Tours. Highlights

Lublin, Lublin Voivodeship, Poland
Est. 7.8km / 2 mins

Lublin. Jewish History Tours. Highlights - Cya On The Road

During a walk you will learn about the most important places connected with the history of Jews in Lublin, which has lasted for over 5oo years.  You will find out where the most important synagogues in Lublin were located, where the Council of Four Lands met and where the tzaddik called the Seer of Lublin taught. You will visit the old Jewish cemetery, where famous Jewish scholars from previous centuries are buried.You will visit the place where the ghetto was functioning during the Second World War and you will hear about the tragic fate of its inhabitants. You will pass through the Grodzka Gate, which for centuries linked the Jewish and Christian quarters of Lublin, where you will learn how we work to preserve the memory of Lublin's Jews.

by Ośrodek "Brama Grodzka - Teatr NN" in Lublin
The “Grodzka Gate – NN Theatre” Centre in Lublin is a municipal cultural institution working for the cultural heritage and education.

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