Lublin. Old Town. Jewish History Tour

Lublin, Lublin Voivodeship, Poland
Est. 1.6km / 1 hr 7 mins

Lublin. Old Town. Jewish History Tour - Cya On The Road

In the Old Town you will find many places connected with the history of Lublin's Jews, even though they were forbidden by law to settle within the city walls until 1862. During the walk we will find out where the mother of Szalom Szachna, the first rector of Lublin yeshiva, lived, in which building the Jewish People's Theatre was operating and in which the "Hachnasat Kala" Association for Aid to Poor Jewish Girls was located. We will learn the history of joint creation of poetry about Lublin by a Jewish poet and a Christian writer. We will hear about the tragic fate of children from a Jewish orphanage and the unique role that the tenement house at Noworybna 4 played for Holocaust Survivors.

by Ośrodek "Brama Grodzka - Teatr NN" in Lublin
The “Grodzka Gate – NN Theatre” Centre in Lublin is a municipal cultural institution working for the cultural heritage and education.

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