Lublin. Along Lubartowska Street. Jewish History Tour

Lublin, Lublin Voivodeship, Poland
Est. 3.3km / 1 min / Map

Lublin. Along Lubartowska Street. Jewish History Tour - Cya On The Road

The road towards Lubartów, Lubartowska Street, became a new centre of Jewish life in Lublin in the 19th century. Almost every house on this street has a story to tell.During the walk, we will visit the Yeshiva of the Sages of Lublin, the Jewish hospital and the I.l. Perec People's House. We will see the tenement house where the writers Anna Langfus and Róża Fiszman grew up, and we will hear the history of the Jewish housing cooperative "Spółdom" which united Zionists, folkists, and socialists in a common activity. We will visit the yard where the umbrella maker Nuchym Szyc had his workshop. We will find the seven-branched lamp shining in the window of the Lublin Jews' Memorial Chamber in the former synagogue of the Chevra Nosim brotherhood.Modern-day Lubartowska Street comprises two historical streets: former Nowa Street, connecting the Krakow Gate with Kowalska Street, and the Lubartów Road, running from Kowalska Street towards the town of Lubartów. The streets were linked under one name only in the early 1990s. The numbering of houses on Lubartowska Street has changed many times, which is why in addition to the current numbers, those used before WWII are also given in brackets.

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