Day 2 (Ponte de Lima)

Ponte de Lima, Portugal
Est. 22.1km / 7 hrs 22 mins

Day 2 (Ponte de Lima) - Cya On The Road

The second day will start at the hotel with breakfast. The first visit will be to the International Garden Festival, where the creativity of the participants will be appreciated. After that there will be a visit to the Centre of Interpretation of the Territory. Lunch will be at the "Hamburgueria da Vila", after lunch we will visit the Centre of Interpretation and Promotion of Vinho Verde. In the afternoon the main focus is walking: we will go to the Adelino Sampaio Garden, the Paço do Marquês de Ponte de Lima, the Lapa Park and the Church of Nossa Senhora da Lapa. The snack will be at the pastry shop "Delícias do Minho" and after lunch we will go to the river beach for some leisure. The dinner will be at "Tasca das Fodinhas" and the conviviality after dinner will be at "Chusso Bar", the itinerary ends at 23:00 with the return to the hotel.

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