Day 3 (Ponte de Lima)

Ponte de Lima, Portugal
Est. 36.8km / 12 hrs 16 mins / Map

Day 3 (Ponte de Lima) - Cya On The Road

The third day also starts at the hotel. After breakfast you will enjoy some leisure time at the pool. In the morning you will check out of the hotel and after leaving the establishment you will develop the day's visits, starting at the Centre for the Interpretation of Military History of Ponte de Lima. After the visit we will take a walk in the Jardim Foral de D. Teresa and its surroundings. Lunch will be at the restaurant "Açude" and after lunch we will start the walking trails, which will be two, the first is the Lagoa Trail and the second is the Cerquido Trail. The last snack will be in "Panilima Bakery" and the itinerary ends where it started, in Largo da Alegria. 

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