Life in the Communist Paradise by I Love Cluj Map

Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Est. 19.1km / 6 hrs 23 mins

Life in the Communist Paradise by I Love Cluj Map - Cya On The Road

Starting with the ‘50s, the city enters the communist era that will leave a huge mark on it until ‘89.With the changing mentality of the communist bourgeoisie, the city changes its appearance. Austere comfort conditions, Cartesian urbanism and simple aesthetics, bordering on poverty looks by the end of the period, are the main characteristics of communist era in Cluj.Life (housing, work, leisure) became simple and gray. There were adopted specific modern socialist architectural elements and styles, typical to entire Eastern Europe. However, among bedroom-neighborhoods and huge industrial conglomerates, remarkable monuments found their place!This is why relics of the ancient communist era in Cluj can be seen everywhere, being scattered all over the city. From outskirts working-class neighborhoods, to important buildings form the central area, to industrial mammoths, abandoned factories or disrepaired structures recently turned into squats and art galleries, the Communist era has a well-defined page in the city’s history.

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