Cluj in 15 Minutes by I Love Cluj

Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Est. 669m / 13 mins / Map

Cluj in 15 Minutes by I Love Cluj - Cya On The Road

For those of you who have a limited time to spend in the heart of the city, but still want to achieve a unique travel experience, there’s an absolutely special street, one of the oldest in the city, which dates back to medieval times.Formally known as Farkas Utca, a touristic attraction itself, populated by schools buildings, an impressive cathedral and the Babes̀¦ Bolyai University’s headquarters, the street was and still remains the core of Cluj’s spiritual and educational life.Strolling along the street, feel free to admire the masterpieces of Baroque architecture, representative monuments from the 19th century or modernist architecture’s masterpieces. The whole perspective will open in front of your curious eyes, as you walk towards the end of the street (starting from University Street).Soon, the Reformed Church building, dating from the mid 1400s will beautifully reveal itself, making you forget that 15 minutes of time- travel in Cluj have already passed...

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