(de)tour into our histories

Timisoara, Romania
Est. 12.8km / 4 hrs

(de)tour into our histories - Cya On The Road

This documentary tour made by Identity.Education in partnership with Timișoara Tour Guide presents the LGBTQIA+ places and restaurants in Timișoara from past to present. Knowing our history and trying to bring the stories of the local community out of invisibility is important for each of us. The desire and need for community, for connecting, has always been there. As LGBTQIA+ people, we have sought and created meeting places and spaces where we could for the very purpose of feeling that we are not alone, that we have someone to share our stories with.We will thus take a walk through Timișoara, from past to present.We believe that no one should live in the shadows and that anyone should be able to tell their story. If you followed the tour and didn't see one of the places you know or if you have a story you'd like to share with us, don't hesitate to write us at contact@identity.education. And so, together, we will bring to light history as it is.These stories are narrated by Alexandra Irimia (Timișoara Tour Guide) and Andre Rădulescu and Lia Burg (Identity.Education).Identity.Education also created a short documentary film about local history, with more details about the communist context, the persecution of LGBTQIA+ people and "public scandals", about invisibility and the need for safe spaces. You can find the short film on our YouTube channel IdentityEducation. 

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