Walk along Arbat

Moscow, Central Federal District, Russia
Est. 1.3km / 45 mins / Map

Walk along Arbat - Cya On The Road

Greetings! We invite you to take a walk along the most famous pedestrian street in Moscow – the Arbat. This tour has been prepared for you by the staff of the Aleksey Losev House Library of the History of Russian Philosophy and Culture, which is located nearby at 33 Arbat.The Arbat is so much a part of Moscow history that it is mentioned in a huge number of literary works and memoirs. Many writers, poets and novelists have lived on the Arbat and written about it. They have sung in praise of it and populated it with their literary characters.In addition, many scientists, philosophers, musicians and artists have lived and worked here. Interesting events have taken place and important decisions have been made here.We will tell you about all of this on our tour, which assumes the unusual form of individual histories of the houses of the Arbat. They are the true witnesses of events that have taken place here during the last few centuries.You may listen to the histories in any order you choose since they are told in no particular sequence. You need only to launch the tour and the relevant history will play automatically as you walk past a particular building. You will also always be able to refer to a map, photos and textual descriptions inside the app.As you walk past 33 Arbat, do not forget to drop by and say hello to us at the Losev House, where we will be able to tell and show you many interesting things.We hope you have a pleasant tour!

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