Tulmozerye Mining Park

Pryazhinskiy rayon, Northwestern Federal District, Russia
Est. --- / 30 mins / Map

Tulmozerye Mining Park - Cya On The Road

Formerly bushy and unattractive ruins of Tulmozero Ironworks are opening again to the world, now already as a tourist site and one of the “pearls” of the much talked-of Mining Road route. Preparatory measures took a little less than 30 years, the plant was built in 1899, however during the first years of the XX century the bankruptcy procedure was started. Contradictory and insightful history of Tulmozero “giant” in a remarkable manner resonates with toady, making to assess many present day events in a new light.Tourists from different parts on Northern Europe and Russia are rushing to these places in order to enjoy the romantic atmosphere in the silence of “the medieval castle of the Sleeping Beauty”. Nearby there is a special ground in case you would like to set up camp and stay overnight. For the interested ones – special information signs are installed next to every construction, however if you wish to seriously learn the breathtaking history of one of the industrial giants of the past we strongly recommend you addressing to a professional guide. It will not make your trip much more expensive, but of course, will flesh out your impressions. After such excursion you feel like you have just read an interesting book – no sign can place so much information.The tourist site have been restored and arranged within the frameworks of Mining Road Project financed by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland. The present excursion is based on the results of the scientific investigations of the researches from Saint-Petersburg, Alexander Potravnov and Tatyana Khmelnik, the outcomes of the experts from the National Museum of the Republic of Karelia and materials of Karelian press of different years. Text and photos – by Kirill Shekov. English translation – Nina Shekova.

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