Peter and Paul Fortress: beginning of the Empire

Saint Petersburg, Northwestern Federal District, Russia
Est. 1.1km / 30 mins / Map

Peter and Paul Fortress: beginning of the Empire - Cya On The Road

Peter and Paul Fortress is the heart of Petersburg. We’re standing right on the spot where the city was born a little over 300 years ago. The fortress is a great place to start your discovery of Saint Petersburg - and we’re happy to welcome you on a journey through time, with stories connected to the fortress and to one of the greatest cities in the world. If you’re listening to this story - you’re probably standing on the bridge leading to the fortress or you might have walked across it already. We will start from the so-called Ioannevsky Bridge and freely walk around the fortress for about 40 minutes together. We recommend you finish your tour outside the fortress on the beach where you can enjoy the magnificent view of the city.

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