Mozhaysk, Central Federal District, Russia
Est. --- / 2 hrs

Borodino - Cya On The Road

Our tour offers walks along Borodino Field with a GPS guide. Borodino Field is where the decisive battle of the Patriotic War of 1812 took place 200 years ago. The close battle involved 250000 troops from both sides – French and Russian. The tour includes almost all the monuments erected on the battle sites. The monuments are scattered all over the field. There are nearly 60 monuments. It’s not easy to visit all of them. But you should visit Utitsky barrow, Bagration's flèches, Raevsky redoubt, the Borodino Convent of Our Savior. File:Battle of BorodinoАвтор:3offЛицензия:

by Издательство "ВОКРУГ СВЕТА"
Издательство "ВОКРУГ СВЕТА"

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