The Reds in Moscow

Moscow, Central Federal District, Russia
Est. 1.9km / 37 mins

The Reds in Moscow - Cya On The Road

Welcome to Memorial’s audio tour of Moscow. Our tour will take you back to the early years under Bolshevik rule.In 1918, as a direct result of the October Revolution, Moscow once again became the capital of Russia. When the Bolsheviks arrived, they brought with them new rituals, new monuments and new celebrations. Creating something permanent against the backdrop of destruction and hunger during the years of the Civil War was difficult, and as a result the first symbols of the Soviet State have only been preserved in a few old photographs. Over the course of our walk we will try to show you how Moscow looked during the early years of Soviet government.

by Общество Мемориал
«Мемориал» – это движение, созданное для сохранения памяти о политических репрессиях в недавнем прошлом нашей страны.

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