Wooden lace palaces

Tomsk, Siberian Federal District, Russia
Est. 2.7km / 50 mins / Map

Wooden lace palaces - Cya On The Road

Wooden art of building of Siberia is a bright milestone in the history of Russian architecture. In this place a wide range of wooden building blocks is preserved dating back to late XIX - early XX centuries. They turned the city into an open air museum.Old style palace. Curious ornaments tell a tale of the motherland, its history, character, and ancestors’ customs. Symbols of sun – images on window frames symbolize fertility; flowers, cones, birds and animals – riches of Taiga forest; geometric ornaments, dragons, accolades, go back to archaic mindset.Harmonious ensembles of town construction of the 19-20 centuries, festive patterns on estate gates and street fences, fairy appearance of the wooden palaces, all of that made Tomsk a treasury of wooden artwork on the nation and world scale.Source: guidebook «Tomsk».

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