Moscow - Ozherelye with Talking Expresses

Moscow, Central Federal District, Russia; Vidnoe, Central Federal District, Russia; Domodedovo, Central Federal District, Russia; Stupino, Central Federal District, Russia; Kashira, Central Federal District, Russia
Est. 116.7km / 2 hrs / Map

Moscow - Ozherelye with Talking Expresses - Cya On The Road

Our goal was to create an up-to date and interesting guide to provide not only historical background, but also a lot of interesting information about how the towns of our route live today.The Pavelets-Moscow railway line was constructed in the 19th, early 20th century by the Society of the Ryazan-Ural railway along the old Kashirsky tract. This road connected the Great Duchy of Moscow with the far southern lands since ancient times. A lot of interesting historical, architectural and natural sights are scattered along the route of the high-speed electric train between Moscow and Ozherely along the Paveletsky direction of the Moscow railway.It's almost a shame to rush past at such a high speed. The total length of our trip is 120 kilometers - this is the distance from Paveletsky railway station to the railway station of Ozherelye, the southernmost station of the express train. With thorough sightseeing, the journey might well have taken several more days.There are more than 30 stations and way stations between Moscow and Ozherelye. Some of them are only platforms and time-skewed signs, and some boast the Gothic station buildings and the old water towers, and one of the stations is made in the luxurious style of Stalin's Art Deco.Paveletsky line of the Moscow railway crosses two large rivers: Pakhra and Oka. At the approach to Pakhra you will hear a story about ancient underground quarries along its shores where limestone for the construction of white-stone Moscow was mined, as well as what can be found today in these mysterious mines, and what underground subcultures spend their leisure time there. Also we will pass the town, where one of the largest airports of Russia is located - Domodedovo.Oka will welcome guests with the magnificent view of the ancient Kashira. Here you will find out why the dragon nests on the coat of arms of the city, why the city moved from one river bank to another more than three centuries ago, and what a rare stratospheric phenomenon the local astrophysicist studied. On the right bank of the Oka, the passengers of the electric train will have a magnificent panorama that almost hasn’t changed since old times: from the railway there the Belopesotsky Monastery will be seen, about which we are going tell a lot of interesting things. But not only the history makes this area fascinating: there is also the bakery, where bread is prepared mixed with birch extract, discovered by the local chemist.Many of you may be interested, where the strange names of the stations came from: Nizhnie Kotly (Lower Boilers), Belye Stolby (White Pillars), Acri. And is the name of the Ozherelie (Necklace) related to the adornment of the same name? You will learn all toponymic secrets from our guide. We hope that the Moscow-Ozherelie guidebook will allow you to feel yourself on a real journey, even if you just go to work. Have a pleasant road!

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