Political assassinations. Individual terror

Saint Petersburg, Northwestern Federal District, Russia
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Political assassinations. Individual terror - Cya On The Road

Political assassinations have always been in the centre of public attention – they play important role in the political history of humankind. They make the headlines on the day and then they are passed to the historians, who thoroughly analyse what the motives were, what consequences the crimes had and who participated in them.In the 19th century political assassinations mostly happened for the ideological reasons. The «ideological» killers were certain they had a right to take people's lives. The victims were seen as enemies, whereas the killers thought of themselves as of heroes, who were meant to render justice. The terrorists always spoke of various big motives, which inspired them to commit crimes, like fairness, divine revenge or impossibility to make a political change happen by other means. There will always be people, who support such «ideological» murderers to some extent – they will see a victim of an unfair society instead of a terrorist. However, murders can't be justified, they will always remain murders. This audio tour is about political assassinations – acts of individual terror that took place during the second half of the 19th – early 20th centuries. The tour refers to the places, where the events unfolded. You can find more information on this theme, particularly on terrorist activities led by the «People's will» activists and social-revolutionaries at the State museum of Political history of Russia.

by Музей политической истории России
Музей, расположенный в историческом центре Петербурга, рассказывает о событиях прошлого, революциях и войнах, изменивших судьбу России.

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