Nakhichevan City: colorful and comfortable

Rostov-on-Don, Southern Federal District, Russia
Est. 2.1km / 40 mins / Map

Nakhichevan City: colorful and comfortable - Cya On The Road

There are several squares in the center of Nakhichevan-na-Donu (today it is Proletarsky Municipal District of Rostov): Karl Marx Square, Svobody (Freedom) Square, Tolstoy Square (Nakhichevan Market), and Frunze park between them. Some places of interest are located there – Memorial Complex “To Fallen Warriors”; obelisk at the tomb of Valerik Nizhegorodtsev, young reconnaissance scout; monument in the memory of Armenian Apostolic Cathedral; memorial against genocide!”; sculptural composition devoted to sportive achievements of the Don Greco-Roman Wrestling Academy. The following points of interest are adjacent to the garden square: Rostov-on-Don Academic Youth Theater and the monument to Joseph (Ovsep) Argutinsky-Dolgoruky; Lyceum No. 13 (former Ekaterinenskaya All-Girls Grammar School (Gymnasium); Treasury (former All-Boys Grammar School) -- from the South; monument to Karl Marx -- from the West; Regional Folk Arts Center; Surb Harutyun Church; Armenian Consulate -- from the East. Military Music Band Trainees School is located from the Eastern side of Svobody (Freedom) Square. Armenian town Nakhichevan-na-Donu (today it is Proletarsky Municipal District of Rostov-on-Don) was founded in 1779, when empress Ekaterina II of Russia allowed the Crimean Greeks to migrate to the Azov Sea area, and Crimean Armenians – to the Don area. About 13 thousand Armenians, who founded the town of Nakhichevan (which means “first retreat”) and 5 rural settlements: Chaltir, Sultan-Sali, Bolshiye Sali, Nesvetai, Krim. Starting from 1838 the town got the name “Nakhichevan-na-Donu (Nakhichevan-upon-Don)”. The town grew fast and greatly exceeded the neighboring Rostov-on-Don by its population. The general plan of Nakhichevan was developed by the famous Russian architect Ivan Starov. In 1928 Nakhichevan was eliminated, as it was included inside the limits of Rostov-on-Don.   Nakhichevan with its Armenian community always attributed an individual touch and charm to Rostov. Poet and essay writer Mikael Nalbandyan, painter Martiros Saryan, and actor Georgy Tusuzov grew here.     

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