Elovo. A beautiful village in the floods of Kama

Elovskiy rayon, Volga Federal District, Russia
Est. 3.3km / 1 hr / Map

Elovo. A beautiful village in the floods of Kama - Cya On The Road

Hello! We welcome you in the ancient village of Elovo, surrounded on three sides by Kama and its bays, the most beautiful and green corner of the Perm region. The year of the village's founding is 1646, when the first population census was taken in the Osinsky district by the Kazan governor Fyodor Buturlin, according to it four yards and 12 persons of the male population were registered in the village. These lands belonged earlier to the Kazan Khanate. Today there are more than 5 thousand people living in the village. We will acquaint you with the modern part of Elovo, which was formed in the early 60's, when the construction of the Votkinskaya Water Power Plant began and Elovo got into the flood zone.     From the flooded territory, more than 250 houses were moved to a new location. There were new kindergartens, the Bytkombinat, the fire station, shops, the pier, apartment buildings, sidewalks and roads. About 20 new streets and alleys have been created. A new village was built with straight, wide streets, beautiful squares and a park. Alexei Belyshev, who headed the area in those years, together with the construction solved the issues of gardening and became a real enthusiast of that work. In 1966, the decision of the executive committee was the establishment of a commission that had to create a park on the banks of the Kama River and a plan for its landing was developed. For the enterprises and organizations of the regional center the appointed areas were fixed which they not only planted trees on, but also followed them for several years. Our tour starts from the center of the village. Photo by Maxim Kytmanov 

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