Roerich family in St. Petersburg

Saint Petersburg, Northwestern Federal District, Russia; Volosovskiy rayon, Northwestern Federal District, Russia
Est. 190.3km / 4 hrs 26 mins / Map

Roerich family in St. Petersburg - Cya On The Road

Nicholas Konstantinovich Roerich was a prominent Russian painter, philosopher and scholar. He was born in Saint Petersburg and spent 42 years - the most part of his life - in this city: since he was born and until the year 1917. Here in St. Petersburg he studied at the Academy of Arts and St. Petersburg State University. In St. Petersburg he grew to become an artist, archeologist, writer and teacher. His brilliant works of art that made him famous were created in St. Petersburg. This city brought him in touch with many outstanding public figures of Russian culture – painters, poets and scholars. Up to these days, the city keeps many memorable places that reveal Roerich’s legacy. Created by Slava YankIn collaboration with Roerich Research FoundationEditor  Andrew SobolevTranslation  Elena Timofeeva Supported by St. Petersburg State Museum-institute of the RoerichsSupported by Sunsurfers community

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