Terrors and Leningrad. Remembering unwanted lives

Saint Petersburg, Northwestern Federal District, Russia
Est. 4.1km / 1 hr 23 mins / Map

Terrors and Leningrad. Remembering unwanted lives - Cya On The Road

October Revolution of 1917 is one of the bloodiest pages in the world history, which overthrown the Russian Empire and its royal dynasty and created a new geopolitical power - USSR, ruled by  Bolsheviks till 1991. October Revolution became a major cause for later national disasters and turmoil followed one by another: the Red Terror (1917-1923); the –°ivil War (1918-1922); Collectivization of the agricultural sector (1928-1940, 1948-1952), Famine (1932-1933, 1946-1947) and, of course, Stalin's Repressions (1921-1953) and the Great Terror (1937-1939).The grand achievements of the Soviet Union in the fields of mechanical engineering, agriculture, space exploration in the second half of the 20 century cannot justify the price common people had to pay for the progress. Due to the fact, that many murderous events were not officially documented and some documents were intentionally destroyed or silenced in modern days, it is almost impossible to identify the losses the country and its people had to face. History of St. Petersburg (Leningrad from 1924-1991) is inseparable from the history of the terrors and political purges which strived to build a new state of socially and economically homogeneous people tight-knit with the communist ideology. Stalin's Great Terror became a culmination of the totalitarian despotism and lawlessness, which still echoes in the politics of modern Russia. That is why it becomes highly important today to dig out the truth, rehabilitate justice and move forward, remembering dark heritage.The purpose of this tour is to establish an emotional connection with the most relevant and tragic sites and events of the communist era in St. Petersburg. This tour aims to discuss the cultural and political significance of 'uncomfortable heritage' for future generations and develop an understanding of the collective past and identity. The Tour is narrated by Kristina Donika (Student ID: 219056129) as an assignment for the course Museums, Heritage and Society (AIM 736, T1 2019), Deakin University 13.05.2019. Bibliography to the presented information, photographs and illustrations is provided in a document, submitted via CloudDeakin.

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