"Angarsk – you little taiga Leningrad"

Angarsk, Siberian Federal District, Russia
Est. 8.6km / 3 hrs 6 mins / Map

"Angarsk – you little taiga Leningrad" - Cya On The Road

We offer you to take part a tour along the historical part - the Central district of the city of Angarsk.We chose this area because the architecture of its buildings is very different from the architecture of the buildings that were built in our city in the 70s.The Central part of our city was designed by the architects of the architectural and planning workshop No. 4 in Leningrad. This workshop was headed by architect Wittenberg. Maybe that's why the Central part of the city is so reminiscent of Leningrad, this was wanted by the architects as well.Hope you enjoy this little tour of our still relatively young town, which has its own historical and architectural sights, and we, Angarsk citizens, are proud of it.

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