Irkutsk Routes: Bicycle Route

Irkutsk, Siberian Federal District, Russia
Est. 10.6km / 2 hrs

Irkutsk Routes: Bicycle Route - Cya On The Road

You can make a real journey around historical places of Irkutsk by bicycle. Using the audio-guide you can go through Irkutsk Quarters, places of Decembrists, Museum of History of Irkutsk, then make a round trip and find yourself on the Lower Embankment of the Angara River. While going by bicycle, you must follow rules of traffic regulation. Move along the right side of the road. Get off the bicycle when you see a pedestrian crossing. Observe the road conditions carefully, get off the bicycle, while using the audio-guide! Have a great ride!The audio-guide is created as a part of the joint project «Irkutsk Routes» by the brotherhood in the name of St. Innocent of Irkutsk and by the Irkutsk Regional State Universal Scientific Library of Molchanov-Sibirskiy.The project is implemented with the support of the presidential grants fund. Alexey Bayfa is the photographer of the project.

by Маршруты Байкала
Аудиогиды по Иркутску и Прибайкалью на русском, английском и китайском языках

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