Library brands of Angarsk: excursion to personalized libraries

Angarsk, Siberian Federal District, Russia
Est. 5.3km / 1 hr 35 mins

Library brands of Angarsk: excursion to personalized libraries - Cya On The Road

A tradition to call the streets and squares after the surnames of writers and prominent public people and add them to the names of various institutions is rather old. This is a tribute to the memory of famous people and attention to the history, and cultivation of patriotism and love to our native land. The names of outstanding personalities become brands of many libraries.A named library always stands out among others and is easier to remember. «Pushkinka», «Leninka» or «Molchanovka» sound much more attractive than Municipal budgetary institution of culture library under the number so-and-so.Linking to a famous person gives the library the opportunity to create its own image, enriches its history and gives a certain reputation. At the same time the quality of services provided by the library improves and the work of each employee and the activities of the library as a whole are subject to increased requirements.As a part of the Centralized library system of the Angarsk city district there are four personalized libraries. Today we will present them to you by their names. The libraries are located in different parts of the city, so the basis of the presentation of the material will take the territorial-chronological principle and will move from the old quarters of Angarsk to the micro districts, from one of the first libraries to the library opened in the years of perestroika.

by Библиотеки Ангарска
Библиотеки Ангарска - это централизованная библиотечная система, объединяющая 17 муниципальных библиотек Ангарского городского округа.

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