Megalithic complex “Power of the North”

Murmansk, Northwestern Federal District, Russia
Est. --- / 20 mins / Map

Megalithic complex “Power of the North” - Cya On The Road

Welcome! We are glad to see you next to our megalithic complex “Power of the North”There are places of power with a strong emanation of energy upon the Earth. Visits to such places often give people a powerful push in his/her spiritual growth and physical development. In some cases it can even change life completely. There are lots of places of power in Russia and the Kola peninsula is one of them. Places of power are places with a very strong natural energy that is released due to the  specific landscape.Long time ago scientists discovered that sieidis (another cultic name for megaliths) can change radiation background around them, sometimes increasing and sometimes lowering it. Psychic mediums managed to trace that energy from one sieidi flows to the other one, third and so on, creating a semblance of an energy chain. It is believed that the sieidi lives as long as people worship it; otherwise the seidi loses its magical properties.By their properties and characteristics stones in the Megalithic complex “Power of the North” are Transmediators (adjusters). All together they create energy balance that helps to harmonize any imbalance in a human body, solve problems, speed up the pace of developments, adjust emotional and physical states.The value of this complex is in its accessibility and a broad spectrum of action. Moreover, this is also a place of power according to Yin Yang system (place of recruiting and restoring the correct flow of Qi).“Power of the North” megalithic complex consists of 9 stones. Weight of megaliths varies from 1 ton up to 13,5 tons. Among materials of megaliths there are granite, gneiss, quartz and other. Megaliths have drawings in the form of quartz inclusions. The complex stands on a stone plateau according to the installation principles for sieidis. Each of them is tuned to one of the planets of the solar system and is oriented to one of the cardinal directions: North - spirituality, South - materiality, West - mind and consciousness, East - feelings and intuition. Stones were measured by radioesthesia method.Stones were delivered from different parts of the Kola Peninsula and set in the order that creates a powerful energy chain within megaliths, which has the maximum ability to affect the human body.Before we begin to explore the power of each stone separately we would like you to listen to your visit rules, which is necessary to follow for accident prevention.Several simple recommendations. As soon as you arrive at the place? please do not forget to greEt it, after that silently (in your thoughts) say why you came here and ask this place to help you. When you leave - do not forget to thank it and say goodbye to the place of Power.We kindly ask you to keep your voice down and avoid listening loud music, using drugs and alcohol.Now when you know our visit rules we can start to explore each of 9 stones.

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