In-Bus Audio Guide Around Rostov-on-Don (Routes 3 and 3а)

Rostov-on-Don, Southern Federal District, Russia
Est. 9.3km / 1 hr / Map

In-Bus Audio Guide Around Rostov-on-Don (Routes 3 and 3а) - Cya On The Road

It is an in-bus audio guide around Rostov-on-Don. The audio guide is for listening aboard city buses No. 3 and No. 3а from Zheleznodorozhny Vokzal Stop to Ulitsa Very Panovoy Stop (near Rostselmash Plant) and back. The information is brief with consideration to the vehicle’s speed. If you wish to get more details about the city’s historical places, you can easily find a series of audio guides for walking tours in the application and on the website: Please find more information on the city on the tourist website: Also, please be kindly informed that the route has two stops where you can change for a commuter train (Zheleznodorozhny Vokzal and Prospekt Selmash Stops). Have comfortable listening and enjoy your tour!

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