St Petersburg: Mercy on the Battlefield

Saint Petersburg, Northwestern Federal District, Russia
Est. 7.9km / 2 hrs 30 mins

St Petersburg: Mercy on the Battlefield - Cya On The Road

Saint Petersburg is, of course, a city of palaces, drawbridges, coffee and doughnuts... It is also a city whose dwellers have changed the world history of warfare. Our tour offers little-known information on the most famous places and people of Saint Petersburg, namely on how the first female service for assisting the wounded was created, how the military prohibited the weapons they themselves had developed, how a Saint Petersburg diplomat reconciled half the world and many other things. Not only will you walk the thoroughfares of the Northern Capital, but you will also look at them from a different perspective. Our tour will last about two hours. Take enough coffee and doughnuts along and have a pleasant stroll!This tour is created by the International Committee of the Red Cross

by Международный Комитет Красного Креста
Более 150 лет помогаем людям, чью жизнь перевернула война

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