Сultural Gaiva

Perm, Volga Federal District, Russia
Est. 1.9km / 30 mins

Сultural Gaiva - Cya On The Road

Gaiva is one of the most beautiful and amazing district of Perm. Some Permians believe that it was from Gaiva that Perm went. Once on the site of the district were forests, swamps, and at the mouth of the river Gaiva was a small village of Ust-Gaiva. It had about a dozen wooden houses. In the meadows of the river Gaiva grazed the cattle, and frogs croaked in the small swamps. On Gaiva came to the forest for mushrooms and berries and on Gaiva and Kama came to go fishing. Gaiva is a right-bank part of Ordzhonikidzevsky district. The population from on the first of January in 1971 is 32.02 thousand people. On the first of January in 2018 is more than 55 thousand people.   In the reference literature, you can find two versions of the word "Gaiva". Translated from the Komi-Permian is "gai" - response in the forest, " va" - water. Gaiva is a river with a response, a good reverberation. There is a second version of the origin of the name: "gai" - bird, "va" - water, that is, Gaiva – "bird`s water". In many source of information, the first translation was preferred is the river with a response. Place of interest of Gaiva told us about the history of the district from the 50s of the XX century, to the modern history of the district. The main impetus for the development of the district was the construction of the Kama hydroelectric power station is the largest hydroelectric power station on Kama in the 50s.

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