Ethnographic Park of the history of the Chusovaya river

Chusovoy, Volga Federal District, Russia
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Ethnographic Park of the history of the Chusovaya river - Cya On The Road

    Chusovoy is the town in Perm Region, in the Russian Federation. It is located at the confluence of the Usva and Vilva Rivers with the Chusovaya River, 140 kilometers (87 mi) east of Perm, the administrative centre of the region.      Chusovoy has a deep history and a rich culture. We won’t tire you with numbers and facts; we are just  going to tell you about one of the most interesting places and its people in our region . We’ll acquaint you  with  the way ordinary Russian people live and relax in this town. Every tourist will be glad to visit the places of interest again because these sights have the connection with the lives of the most famous people in the world.Ethnographic Park of the history of the Chusovaya river The open-air Park stands at the foot of Arinina mountain in the Perm region, on the Bank of the mountain river Arkhipovka, which was described more than once in his works by Viktor Astafiev, who lived in these places for 17 years. Arkhipovka is separated from the Park by the Ogonek sports school of the Olympic reserve, where athletes who practice freestyle, Alpine skiing and Luge sports train. The sports school and Park were founded by the honored worker of culture Leonard Dmitrievich Postnikov. The sports school was founded in 1954, and the Park created at the sports school was originally designed to educate young athletes love for their small Homeland in 1981.The main exposition of the Park of the Chusovaya river history is peasant life of the XIX-XX centuries: a blacksmith, a peasant hut, a shop, a fire station, a farce (Museum-theatre wooden toys), pottery, several chapels. It is important that all exhibits can be touched with your hands. In addition to peasant buildings, objects built in our time are located on the territory of the Park. In the distance is the St. Nicholas chapel, built in memory of the natives of Chusovoy, who participated and died in military operations in Chechnya in the 90's. Memorable signs marked writers whose fate is somehow connected with the Urals, Perm region, Chusovoy. At the entrance to the Park, a monument is erected to Alexander Green, who in his youth worked in the mines in Pashia; and inside the Park "soars" a copy of the "Bleriot" plane, which was flown by the poet-Aviator Vasily Kamensky. The heart of the Chusovaya river history Park is the Ermak Museum, a 19th-century chapel with a belfry. In the center of the exhibition of this Museum is a series of paintings by the honored artist of Russia Pavel Shardakov, dedicated to Ermak's campaign in Siberia from the lower Chusovsky towns. In addition, the Museum displays a monument to Yermak by Yuri Zloty and models of guns used in the campaign by Yermak's army.     Now, after the death of Postnikov, the ethnographic park is headed by his daughter, Olga Leonidovna Postnikova.How to get there        The ethnographic complex 'The Museum of the History of the Chusovaya River' is located in the town of Chusovoy, 135 kilometers east of the city of Perm. You can easily reach Chusovoy by car, bus or train. The museum is located on the eastern outskirts of Chusovoy (you need to go along the mining route). If you go by train, then you should go to the stop of 136 km. Chusovoy is usually the final point of rafting along the Chusovaya River. We recommend that when you finish the rafting, do not miss the opportunity to visit the unique museum of the history of the Chusovaya River!       The ethnographic park began to grow, and now it takes more than 5 thousand guests from the Perm Territory, Russia and from abroad.     Application for excursion services: 8 904 84 42 173 If you  have already been to Russia, or if you are working or studying here, we hope you will feel more confident and comfortable in associating  with  Russian people, thanks to the knowledge that you will gather from this media guide.This guide was created by students of A.Pushkin school #9 and their teacher . Their names are Murakaeva Polina,Pushkina Lana, Sheshina Ulyana and Mukhamadeeva Marina Aleksandrovna.          Discover Chusovoy for yourself, and you will see how rich and beautiful it is —  rich in history, culture and beautiful in its people. 

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